SurveyBot: Automated telephone survey on customer feedback

Would you like to know how customers evaluate the quality of your telephone services? The module SurveyBot renders all of this possible: SurveyBot can carry out surveys on customer feedback automatically on the telephone and present the results graphically. Thus, you can find out easily how content the customers are with your service so that a potential weakness can be identified at an early stage.



Configuration of the dialog about customer feedback via internet

Access to the internet and personal passwords is all you need to prepare a list of questions on your own: “Was our employee kind and pleasant?” or “Could our agent help you quickly?” A user-friendly interface guarantees a prompt input at any time and at any place.

The course of conversation can be configured without any knowledge of programming. Dependent on the answer, the customer is transferred to different question/answer-patterns. Evaluations can be made by yes/no-questions or by grades which the caller provides via speech or touch-tone. Furthermore, there is the possibility to record answers or comments of the customer to listen to them at a later date or to read the text by means of an integration with a speech-to-text engine. Optionally, you can find out with an additional question which factors have been crucial to the grading. Thus, a negative evaluation reveals room for improvement.

Graphical representation of customer feedback

The customer feedback is available via internet in a graphical report at any time. The absolute as well as the percentage distribution of the grading can be read off quickly; the period of the report can be chosen optionally.

Transfer to the survey

There are several possibilites to transfer the caller to the “speech questionnaire” prepared with SurveyBot:

  • Manual transfer:
    At the end of a conversation, the service agent asks the customer if he or she would like to participate in an automated customer satisfaction survey. If the customer accepts, the service agent transfers the caller to the system.
  • System-initiated transfer/callback:
    Embedded into an automatic pre-qualification or the like, the system asks the caller before the conversation with a service agent, if they would like to take part in a survey. If the caller agrees, they will be transferred to the system automatically after the conversation. As an alternative free of charge for the customer, the caller can be offered a call-back option. The phone number is retrieved from a customer database or obtained during the conversation.
  • Automatic transfer:
    Any caller is transferred to the system automatically after the conversation.


  • Check customers’ evaluations of your service quality in real-time.
  • Find room for improvement and measure the effects of agent trainings.
  • Reach and interview a lot of customers in a short period of time.
  • Customers are more likely to tell the truth when talking to a computer; thus, you get a genuine result.
  • Integrate new questions to your configuration or extract caller samples via graphical web interface.
  • A selection of predefined questions is part of the SurveyBot package.
  • Modern dialog technology and reliable speech recognition guarantee high case completion rates.
  • Optional speech-to-text transcription enables analysis of free text utterances.

Technical Data

  • Based on the speech platform SymBase
  • Flexible scalability
  • Compatible with standard PC hardware
  • Operating systems: Linux, Windows (Vista/XP/etc.), Windows Server; others on request
  • Database systems supported: mySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Telephony interfaces: ISDN (e.g. EDSS1, QSIG over CAPI 2.0), VoIP (SIP, H.323)