Sympalog IVR – a guarantee of outstanding quality

Sympalog IVR solutions cover a broad spectrum – from the basic pre-qualification of incoming calls to a highly complex IVR system. One thing all of our customized IVR solutions have, however, is outstanding quality. Based on open telecoms/IT standards, Sympalog applies the appropriate system components (soft- and hardware) to provide our customers with the optimal solution.

The Sympalog team provides comprehensive support at all times: from the design state to development and installation right through to system optimization during operation. Sympalog quality assurance handbooks help ensure that all of our IVR solutions maintain a consistent high quality.

The Sympalog team offers a broad spectrum of expertise:

  • Consultation and studies (i.a. automation potential, application design, choice of technology)
  • Implementation (i.a. dialog design, grammar generation, integration, test/optimization)
  • Quality assurance (i.a. reviews, optimization of existing systems)

Besides realizing entire projects, we naturally do offer partial services as well, such as providing advice in preparation of an implementation, or revising and embedding existing solutions into state-of-the-art-platforms.

Focus on user-friendliness

Sympalog’s systems excel primarily because of their outstanding user-friendliness: the pre-requisite for successful customer service. Users can speak naturally, ask questions and interrupt the IVR system at any time.

The decisive factor in devising a suitable voice-automated IVR application is having the implementation expertise. The following questions are on focus of a successful planning:

  • How can the system be incorporated into the communications strategy?
  • Which processes can reliably be mirrored in an system?
  • Which dialog strategy and customer approach is most relevant for the target audience and assures a high user-friendliness?
  • How will the system be set up?

Sympalog’s team of specialists have the expert knowledge to answer these questions and develop your customer-friendly speech-driven IVR application.

Well-structured procedure

For the successful realization of voice projects, Sympalog follows a clearly structured scheme with a well defined course of action. The following steps are run through: