Sympalog – Competence in Voice Technology / IVR

Sympalog offers intelligent solutions in the field of voice technology / IVR. For 20 years, well-known companies have applied our IVR solutions in order to pre-qualify incoming calls as well as to finalize phone calls automatically.

Free expression and a person-machine dialogue – highly close to a conversation with a human – are essential to us. It goes without saying that our unique technology can easily be integrated into your already established processes and systems. 
The result is a considerably more efficient customer service: 

Anrufer Sprachdialogsystem

  • availability around-the-clock
  • No waiting times
  • Optimized user friendliness
  • Broad customer acceptance due to a natural language person-machine-communication
  • Easing the work burden of call-center agents
  • Cost savings in consequence of optimized human-resource allocation